Kosmos Living is tailor-made to engage with affluent Chinese social media voices. We promote your brand on Kosmos Living’s Chinese social media blog and webshop – giving you access to key Chinese influencers and personal resellers.

Do you have a unique brand with a purpose and a story to tell. Something that brings joy into routines and makes virtues of necessities,  then you are very likely to have an audience in the growing Chinese consumer market.

Whilst the possibilities and potential are without comparison, the market is in rapid change characterised by significant regional differences At Kosmos Living we can help your business with the right entry. This includes to learn from the initial touching points with consumers to utilising online and physical sales channels. So whether you are testing the waters, or have more ambitions, we can help.

We also tailor-make brand awareness and sales campaigns with selected brand evangelists. Optionally, we can help you to define the right branding strategy and content marketing approach for a successful go-to-market strategy.


A unique & tailored service

We partner with Chinese social media personal shoppers and bloggers, providing you with sales and PR channels directly targeting your potential target audience. Our partnerships enable you to sell to your Chinese target customers without an established office in China, shipping capabilities or an in-house China team.

Leave a short message to , and we contact you for a meeting . We consult and agree on the best channels for your products and target to reach the Chinese consumers.We will display the agreed products and align your communication. We get a commission on sales made through our resellers, and  also offer customised  campaigns addressing the Chinese end-consumers .


Personal Shoppers and Influencers.

The Kosmos Living social media partners and influencers represent targeted sales and promotional channels to the Chinese market. Their profiles range from traveling to beauty, design fashion, health, family and active lifestyle.

We will assist you in finding the right approach and match for your products. Meet some of the influencers of today… Click here for a more examples or on each of the pictures below to learn about some of China’s top voices of today!